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Jade & Co. Group



  • 为什么选择我们?

    在倢得贸易有限公司,我们明白作为一位供应商是不足够的, 我们与客户们是合作伙伴。

  • 我们是谁?

    Since 2005, we have been dedicated to provide turnkey solutions for manufacturing in China & Vietnam. Our project teams collaborate with our clients and build strong partnerships to implement, manage, and control all aspects of operations. We have our own factory (www.komaspec.com) in Guangzhou suburb in addition to longstanding relationships of more than 9 years with our components suppliers. In addition to our 38,500 square feet factory in Guangzhou, China, we operate purchasing and quality control offices in Guangzhou & Ho Chi Minh City to optimize our supply chain and boost our ability to be competitive.
    Our group employs over 90 employees within Asia including a team of 12 engineers.
  • 我们可以为您做什么

    Our proven ability and experience to engineer, test with rapid prototype and manufacture custom made product in China and Vietnam in small & medium quantities will benefit your company.
    From your drawing and samples, our engineer develops the tooling and manufacture prototype for your approval before mass production in China and Vietnam.


当项目到了需要生产的时间, 我们将把你的项目和详细规格说明移至我们的生产部门, 并跟踪每一个细节, 确保为你提供高品质产品下极具有竞争力的价格, 以及尽可能地以最快的时间交货。


我们的专业生产制造知识还结合了提供快速成型手板的制造, 无疑地为您在设计上的功能和有效生产上提供最好的保障。



在两位富有经验的北美工程师的带领和管理下, 我们的团队随时为阁下的项目, 从开始的一个构思到最后生产的全程服务。