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Rapid Prototype | Jade & Co. Group

Rapid Prototype

Plastic Rapid Prototype

:As good as product designers & engineers are, the fastest & most reliable testing of new products is through Rapid Prototype making. There is no such thing as trying & seeing a product prototype to really have the feel of any potential issue or any design mistake.

The best rapid prototyping process is by CNC or by Silicon Mould technologies to help you reduce your product development risk as well as shortening product development lead-time.

Why we recommend CNC & Silicone Mould? Very simple, Silicone Mould and CNC will provide you a better feeling of the parts mechanical and physical properties because you can use the designed material (Nylon, ABS, PP, PE), so you can see how the part will react in reality.

We also provide SLA, SLS rapid prototyping, but we recommend those rapid prototyping technologies only if you wish to cross-check your dimension and better feel the visual of the product. Those 2 processes make nice but fragile parts.

Metal Rapid Prototype :

We can also provide you with CNC Turning & CNC Lathe metal / aluminum prototype with secondary process.