For mid to high volume parts, we always recommend stamping over laser cutting.

The reason is simple, the cost of ownership, even after calculation of the die amortization, is much lower than any other metal manufacturing process.

Furthermore, high quality dies in China are cost effective compare to die manufacturing in other location.

Once we revise your blue print, we will recommend regular stamping (single step) or progressive stamping process(automatic multi-step stamping), depending on the part design and feasibility.

We currently work with the following type of material (from 0.2mm to 4.0mm):

Aluminium( 5 Series and 6 Series);
Stainless Steel (2 Series and 3 Series)
Hot Rolled Steel (Q235, Q275)
Cold Rolled Steel

We strive to add value, for this reason, we also offer the following secondary process(RoHS) :

Powder Coating(Up to 480 Hrs Salt Spray Corrosion Test);
E Coating(Up to 240 Hrs Salt Spray Corrosion Test);
Anozide(Up to 240 Hrs Salt Spray Corrosion Test): Any color;
Pad Print & Silk Print;
White Zinc;
Yellow Zinc;
Hot Galavanized;
Sub-Assembly & Assembly;

We manufacture our own dies & tools in-house. The reason? We understand good quality dies have longer lifetime, better efficiency rate and help us to make parts at a very competitive price.