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Tool & Dies | Jade & Co. Group

Tool & Dies

The secret for success(Quality, Lead time & pricing) in plastic injection molding is very simple and we will tell you.If you want success : You need a very good tooling properly design for your needs !!!

Why do we say properly design? This is very easy to get cheap tooling in China. When we first start in China 9 years ago, we learned it the hard way!  With experience, we now know and understand.

Cheap Injection Tooling = Expensive parts.

The reason is simple : Scrap rate is high + Cycle Time is Long + Waste is High

Those above 3 reasons, cheap tooling NOT economically viable in the long run.
By working with Jade & Co., we offer you very competitive pricing on plastic toolings(Doing over 160 Injection Molds / year, we have economy of scale !
) & most important, we will be extremely competitive when making your custom plastic parts.

We analyze and structure the tooling to ensures :

  • Short Cycle Time -> For this, the tooling need a very efficient “Cooling system” and ejecting system

  • Low Scrap Rate -> Good quality Steel for the core & cavities;

  • Low waste -> Good gate(injection point) size & location;

Once the molds are optimal and tested. We start to manufacture your custom plastic parts in our own factory (www.komaspec.com) using :

Engineering plastics if you have parts with high requirements mechanical properties;
Additives as UL fire retardant, UV protections, …

Regular plastics (ABS, ABS_V0, Nylon, PA6, PA66, Nylon & Fiber(15 or 30%), PMMA, PC, PP, PE, HDPE, TPE), we keep raw material for all standard raw materials in stock at any time for fast order processing;

Any color base on Pantone Color Code are available

Of course, a lot of our products already include over molding on plastic or on steel as well as secondary process with other assembly.